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The sentence completion type of questions and the verbal section in general depends greatly on having a good vocabulary. We have pooled together the SAT word list from words which have appeared frequently on the SAT.

Smart SAT word list

The test engine presents words to you in a random order. If you answer incorrectly or do not pick an answer,the test engine remembers that word, and presents that word to you again, after a few questions, till you get that word's meaning right. This will greatly help you master the SAT word list.

 The SAT word list test tries its best to ensure that you get better at the meaning of words you find difficult. And to ensure you don't memorize the correct option, the second time a word is presented, a fresh set of options is generated. The SAT word list test engine, having a mind of its own, might even decide to change a synonym question to an antonym question and vice versa.

Question types

The questions in the SAT word list practice can be broadly classified into one of the following types...


You will have to choose the word that is closest in meaning to the word in question.


You will have to choose the word that is opposite to the meaning of word in question.


Irrespective of whether you get the answer correct or not, you will be shown the explanation. You will be shown a list of synonyms and antonyms to the word in question. Please take some time to ensure you are familiar all the words given in this list.